Top 5 Tips to Buying Your Perfect Apartment | DevelopWise | Perth luxury apartment developer

Apartments are becoming more and more popular especially among young professionals opting to buy location to forgo the traditional house with a backyard. It’s not surprising to see this new trend emerge as Perth grows and becomes a more vibrant cosmopolitan city much like its Eastern States counterparts.

The reality is that Perth is growing, you only have to jump on the freeway and it doesn’t even have to be peak hour to realise that our city is not what it used to be 5 years ago, and the fact is that the problem is only likely to get worse. Perth is such great place to live, work and play. We have great weather, beaches, restaurants and people so it’s no surprise that our city is becoming a destination of choice for more and more residents. We are seeing a lot of young professionals looking to live closer to the city where daily commuting to work doesn’t take up a good part of their daily lives. When it comes to buying an apartment, buyers should consider its location as their number one priority.

Because location will not only affect your lifestyle now but it will also play an important role to its value in the future. You want to be close to the CBD within a 5km radius. Look for well located developments that have convenient access into the CBD, but also at the same time is an area rich in culture & lifestyle. When you think about it, what makes a great place to live is the ability for the apartment to suit your individual’s lifestyle. We understand our buyers want to live in a desirable locations with a vibrant cafe culture that is close to entertainment, public transport, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

If your apartment appeals to you, the chances are it will also appeal to the next person looking to buy it from you.

Our 5 top tips to buying your perfect apartment are:

1. Buy in a great location that suits your lifestyle
2. Look in suburbs within a 5km radius of the CBD
3. Be walking distance to cafes and other lifestyle amenities
4. Be close to public transport with easy access to main arterial roads
5. Include facilities that you will want to use