Amazing London Skyscraper Proposed | DevelopWise | Perth luxury apartment developer

An absolutely beautiful piece of modern architecture that redefines urban skyscrapers. Designed by Sure Architecture “the concept of rather than superimposing one floor on top of another without real continuity; our project is thought of as two endless ramps circum-rotating continually and rising gradually with a low gradient from the ground floor to the sky. London’s streets can now be developed both horizontally and vertically in a continuous way.”

“There is no break anymore, neither between the streets level and the skyscraper, nor between the skyscraper floors themselves. The goal of the design is to conceive an open building that is effective as an inviting and yet powerful symbol in all directions while being permeated by generosity and openness.”

“They face each other, and are linked with bridges, interweave mutually in a dynamic vertical and horizontal movement to increase exchanges, communications and interactions. The differentiated but interconnected spatial sequences of public spaces and, entertainment spaces create a lively, discussion-rich setting for conversations, and societal inter-action and at the same time permit the creation of the vertical city.”