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“Our homes should have a sense of belonging, a feeling of serenity, a
place of sanctuary where life becomes a joy.”

JOHN WOONDevelopWise – Managing Director

Liveable Luxury

A wonderful thing happens when design, art and craftsmanship meet with care for those who live there. Our homes should have a sense of belonging, a feeling of serenity, a place of sanctuary where life becomes a joy.

Beautiful curves filled with glass, timber and stone lines Sanctuary’s opulent lobby as it gives residents and guests a welcoming sense of arrival. With its distinctive elegance and sophistication, this is liveable luxury at its finest.

“Sanctuary’s built form is deliberately sculptural and fluid with an alluring sensual response to the area’s beautiful riparian landscape and birdlife.”

JIMMY THOMPSON MJA Studio – Architect

47 Luxuriously Appointed Residences

Hotelesque Atmosphere

Like a 5 star hotel, the Sanctuary’s entry provides a focus point with a meditative oasis-like reflection pond providing the perfect placement of an art sculpture to cantilever over the pond. “Flight Over Water” is an abstract gesture alluding to the looping travel of water birds, dropping and rising again in their searches along the river.

Each material choice is about the capture, holding and transmission of light to give a rich and lustrous sense of luxury. It is also about the gleaming highlight of gold, flashing against the shadows – like the ripple of light left on the water late in the day, as an unseen bird makes off with one last snatched fish.

“Flight Over Water”
STUART GREENBig Spoon Art – Artist

Residences Of Distinction

With the intent of cultivating a modern and enriched living environment, Sanctuary residences will offer the most exquisite experience of unparalleled lifestyle and luxury.

Gifted via the most generous of windows allows an abundance of natural light to flow in, providing residents a sense of warmth and comfort to sit back and indulge in their homes.

Opportunities For Conversations

Living areas are large and spacious encouraging opportunities for conversations. While the kitchen is equipped with the latest appliances to cater for even the most discerning chefs.

Expansive island benches provide much needed workspace yet beautifully crafted with the finest materials to form the most elegant and inviting of spaces.

Bespoke Interiors

Master bedrooms and ensuites purposefully designed to evoke a feeling of sensual retreat and calmness where curves and internal linearity gives timeless beauty of true craftsmanship.

Nature Inspired Wellness

Like going down South for a nature inspired holiday, when we connect and surround ourselves with nature our mind, body and soul rejuvenates. Whether it’s looking in the lush gardens while you cycle or glaze into the meditative oasis-like water sculpture on the treadmill, Sanctuary’s wellness centre offers an exclusive lifestyle that will energize and motivate your well-being.

Enchanting Rooftop Gardens

As the sun sets and casts its last rays of golden sunshine across Sanctuary’s rooftop garden, a feeling of serenity flows through your soul as you relax by the fireplace over a glass of wine reading your favourite novel. While over the other far end, you can see a few couples gathered over the dining table having dinner with the beautiful Swan River as their backdrop.

“Designing the rooftop garden of this beautiful biophilic building for residents who still wanted to feel connected to the natural environment seemed like such a good fit.”
JANINE MENDELCultivart – Landscape Designer

Tranquil Retreats

With plenty of shaded entertaining areas and secluded private spaces for tranquil retreats, Sanctuary’s rooftop garden is bound to enchant all its guests.

Curvaceous Landscapes

Meandering through the curvaceous landscape, you will encounter shady retreats, fragrant plants, edible gardens, private spaces for contemplation, cooking and entertaining areas while pleasantly surprised by the amazing views of the beautiful Swan River.


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