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Creating a beautiful masterpiece takes time, passion and a talented team. At


, our unwavering commitment to quality is upheld by our exceptional in-house construction team, dedicated to maintaining the highest standard and delivering our promise of world-class luxury in every project we do. Our continuous pursuit of excellence is evident in every meticulous detail, ensuring that residents enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle and a truly wonderful place to call home.


Delivering world-class luxury apartments.

Founded in 2004, managing director John Woon, a civil and structural engineer and also a registered builder started DevelopWise as a home builder based in Mount Pleasant, Perth. After building, developing and selling hundreds of properties, John found himself wanting to create more beautiful buildings that enrich people’s lives and enhance their neighbourhoods.

In 2010, John decided to focus on marketing and sales. Selling gave John a real insight to what buyers wanted in their homes and lit his passion for developing meaningful spaces with a sense of purpose to bring everyday luxury into people’s lives.

John set out to redefine what it means to live in an apartment by creating “house-sized” apartments with generous spaces and over-sized living areas where people could relax, rejuvenate and enjoy.

The DevelopWise brand continually strives to deliver world–class luxury apartments.

Oasis DevelopWise - Natural Inspiration
Local natural landscapes inspiring the design for

Oasis DevelopWise

Oasis Mount Pleasant - Natural Inspiration
Oasis DevelopWise - Natural Inspiration
Oasis DevelopWise - John Woon

“At the heart of it all, I just wanted to create a place where you can call home for the rest of your life.”

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JOHN WOON – Managing Director, DevelopWise