Want to be the best

Apartment Specialist?

  • H A R D W O R K = S U C C E S S (even in a tough market)
  • P O S I T I V E = S A L E S (attitude is everything)
  • P A S S I O N = H A P P I N E S S (it's not worth doing otherwise)

Join DevelopWise!

Do you want to become the best at what you do?

Do you want to join a team that will allow you to grow and achieve your full potential?

DevelopWise is Perth's leading apartment specialist.

We are a project marketing and sales agency for WA's largest and most trusted apartment developer, specialising in off the plan apartment sales.

Our vision is to provide the best customer experience when buying an apartment off the plan with utmost professionalism and trust in our service.

We are looking for an energetic and passionate Sales Superstar with a "Never Give Up & Can Do" positive attitude to join our amazing team at DevelopWise.

This is an exclusive opportunity for the right person with attractive financial rewards for the high achiever.

With a collection of Perth's best apartments available to you and our world class in house marketing campaigns constantly attracting new buyer leads which are given to you to service, work on and ultimately seal the deal.

If you truly believe you can fit these high standards, your career with DevelopWise is only the beginning of a world of unimaginable growth.

This position is not for the mediocre and it is not for the laid back. We are looking for hard working, dedicated and passionate people that love what they do to join our amazing team of sales superstar elites!

  • You must have a positive, energetic, "Never Give Up & Can Do" attitude 
  • You must have a burning desire to learn, improve and achieve 
  • You must be a highly organised and focussed individual 
  • You must have a strong work ethic and willing to work weekends and outside normal working hours 
  • You must be a confident person with great communication skills and be a team player

In addition to the above, you must also have the following:

  • Current real estate sales registration 
  • Min 3 years real estate sales experience 
  • Well groomed, professionally presented and well spoken
  • Presentable and reliable vehicle with valid driver's licence

Apply only if you think you are worthy... your destiny awaits.

Impress us and email your awesome reason on why we should consider you to:

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